About Us

Who we are

Niche Cash Solutions (NCS) is an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 44901). The business was established in 2010, NCS was licensed to operate as an authorized Financial Services Provider in 2013. The business was established to provide short term Cash Investment Solutions to both public and private sector institutions.

We are a 100% Black-owned & managed, with a 30% Black Women Shareholding, South African company.

We have adopted a cash investment solutions model that works exclusively with approved financial institutions.

We offer unbiased cash management solutions for the investment market, being both private and public sector clients. We are a cash investment solutions company with a dedicated focus on combining methodical procedures with insightful quality investment processes.

What Makes Us Unique

We specialize in providing comprehensive short-term cash investment solutions, encompassing rigorous research & analysis of the financial markets.

We believe that our Relational Marketing methodology gives us the edge over our competitors.

Our multiple investment options, in particular our direct platforms in association with all major financial institutions in South Africa ensures further competitive advantage.